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This is an open forum for discussing IBEL program elements and metrics.  Guests welcome.

IBEL Development

Welcome to the IBEL Development Process!

IBEL Activity

Next Working Group Call:  Wednesday, May 19 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Eastern

Call Information 218.936.1100  Code 105445#

Working Group Archive 

If you are a guest and would like to participate in a Working Group call, please read these instructions.

Working Group Packet:  May 19 (coming soon)
Metrics:  Product embodied energy/water; product EOL management; corporate environmental perf.

Working Group Packet:  May 13
Metrics:  VOCs and Chronic Inhalation

Working Group Call:  April 27 (no information packet available for this call)
Metrics:  Pilot project structure; registry issues; sustainability metrics

Working Group Packet:  April 9
Metric:  Reportable Content

Working Group Packet:  April 6
Metric:  Aquatic Impacts 

Working Group Packet:  March 11
Metric:  Chemical Product Performance

Working Group Packet:  March 9
Metrics:  Acute Toxicity:  Oral, Dermal, and Inhalation

Working Group Packet:  February 24
Metrics:  Non-Chemical Products #1

Working Group Packet:  February 19
Metrics:  Reclaimed Material Content (Packaging); Combustibility; Colors and Dyes; Fragrances

Working Group Packet:  February 9
Metrics:  Post-Consumer Material Content (Packaging Only); Renewable/Biobased Material Content (Product and Packaging); Recyclable Product Content (Packaging Only) 

Core Committee Archives

Minutes from Core Committee Call:  April 15, 2010 (coming soon)
Minutes from Core Committee Call:  March 25, 2010 (coming soon)
Minutes from Core Committee Call:  January 28, 2010 (coming soon)
Minutes from Core Committee Call:  December 9, 2009 (coming soon)
List of Core Committee Members (coming soon)

Materials of Interest

To submit articles of interest that will inform the development of IBEL, please forward the article or link to Claire with a brief sentence description.    

What is IBEL?

If you are a guest and would like to participate in Working Group calls, please read these instructions.

Project Fact Sheet has now been revised and is posted. [project_fact_sheet.pdf]
Draft IBEL Strawman has now been revised and is posted. [Draft IBEL Strawman - Dec 9 '09.pdf]
IBEL Development Principles have been revised and are posted. [IBEL Principles - Dec 09.pdf]